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It takes a special kind of person to offer consistent care to your family member in need. After all, most seniors prefer to remain in their own homes.

Thus, they often rely on friends and family members to assist them with everyday activities. However, what do you do if you see your loved one struggling with some of the fundamental tasks of living? Bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, grocery shopping, making meals, doing the dishes, and remembering to take medication can all become challenging with age. That’s where professional senior care makes a huge difference.

How Senior Care Services Can Help

Oftentimes, family members are too busy with their children, grandchildren, and daily tasks to properly attend to elderly family. As a result, they are unable to meet the care demands of their elderly parents. A trained, compassionate caregiver with experience in caring for the elderly can help. Whether your loved one needs companionship and basic assistance or comprehensive memory care, an in home caregiver from Placita In Home Care is ready to provide assistance. Call our home care agency to get started with a care plan for your elderly loved ones.

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If you decided to hire an in home senior care provider but have some concerns about safety in the home, try making the following changes:
  • Install hand railings on every stairway.
  • Improve the lighting around the home. Install motion lighting outside. In addition, make sure indoor halls have adequate lighting, particularly from the bedroom to the bathroom.
  • Install necessary grab bars in the bathroom. Consider installing a walk-in tub so your loved one won’t have to step over the sides of a regular tub.
  • Replace door knobs with lever handles to make opening and closing doors easier.
  • Put all items that your loved one uses regularly on shelves that can be reached without the use of a stool.
  • If your loved one requires a walker or wheelchair, ensure there is enough space to maneuver from room to room without any trouble.
Most falls are preventable. Sadly, some estimates indicate that 30% of seniors will experience a fall inside their home.

There are steps you can take to lower the risk for your aging parent as you weigh your care options. Help your senior loved one avoid falls by doing the following:

  • Remove loose rugs and phone or electrical cords trailing across pathways.
  • Remove clutter so it can’t become a tripping hazard. Do not stack small items near pathways.
  • Fix uneven flooring, loose edges of carpet, and thresholds that aren’t level.
If you are considering elderly care services in the home, please contact our staff at Placita In Home Care by calling (520) 221-2083. We provide quality home care in Tucson, Green Valley, and Oro Valley, as well as the surrounding areas!