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In Home Care for Seniors

If you’re concerned about the health of a senior family member, don’t hesitate to take action. Falls, health concerns, and accidents can all have a major imact on the wellbeing of your loved one. However, sending your loved one to a nursing home is not your only option.

Senior in home care services from Placita In Home Care can ensure that your family member is able to stay safe and healthy while enjoying the comfort of their own home.


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Main Line: (520) 221-2083

Simple and Affordable Rates

At PLACITA IN HOME CARE, our pricing is straight-forward and affordable. We will work with any budget, and can customize a care plan to meet every need and every goal of each client. We take pride in making our in home care services accessible.

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Certified Caregivers

Our caregivers are screened by a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer, in addition to a Registered Nurse. Thus, we can ensure that we have a high-quality and professional staff.  We take every measure to ensure your loved one is cared for with integrity and compassion.

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FREE Safety Check

Falls are a serious safety concern for seniors. Because of this, PLACITA is happy to conduct a free home safety evaluation, whether you choose to use our in home care services or not. Call today and schedule your free home safety evaluation and consultation.

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