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Caring for Someone on Hospice

There will come a time when your loved one/patient may develop a serious illness such as lung, heart, or kidney diseases, Alzheimer’s, various types of dementias, stroke, neuromuscular disease, or some other terminal illness. When efforts to cure these illnesses are no longer working or have become harmful instead of being helpful, it may be that they are becoming appropriate for hospice. You may notice your loved one has made multiple trips to the E.R or may have been admitted many times and they may have temporally been stabilized but the illness continues to get worse. You may notice now they want to remain at home instead of going back to the hospital and may no longer want to treat their diagnosis. If you notice your loved one is getting weaker and is declining, it is always a good idea to inquire about hospice care to see if your loved one/patient may be qualified for this service.

If your loved one/patient is put on Hospice, here are some tips and information that will be helpful to know while caring for the person you love.

  •  Hospice care is a fragile time for the patient, the family and the caregiver, here are some tips that will assist in the process. If he/she gets to the purpose of aspiration (not being able to acquire their down food), it’s crucial to puree the meals. You can add a product named Thick- it. This is made to add to any liquids like juice, water, soups etc.. These are a few ways as it’s important our nearest and dearest are consuming food and fluids. At this point we have to do whatever we can to find some nutrients. We have to attempt to assist them with consuming food any way we can. Therapeutic massage for a person that’s primarily bedridden is important. Use some cream and provide them a massage to stimulate blood flow. This aids their circulation and range of movement while bringing oxygen and other nutrients to the lymph system. Massage that is light produces a fluid called synovial n that will also assiste with range of motion by lubricating necessary parts of the body. Additionally, the attention is reassuring too.
  • When caring for a person who’s bedridden, it’s extremely important to get them raised in a 90 degree angel whenever they eat drink or drink. This may decrease your patient’s odds coming down with pneumonia. Allow the food to digest for approximately 20 minutes at this angle. If your they are having a difficult time breathing then keep them in a 35 or 30 degree angle to make it easier on them. This allows fluids to drain, prohibits aspiration and coughing therefor alleviating pressure in the chest.
  • Continue to re-position the person every 2 hours to avoid pressure sores and skin breaks. Additionally it is important to continue to keep a body lubricated using vaseline or cream to maintain moisture in the skin. Changing out the linens and fluffing pillows at least once a day will keep assist with cleanliness.
  • By maintaining appearance, hygiene and confidence our loved ones gain boost of joy and positive reinforcement. Visual and verbal positivity are only going to help this process for everyone.
  • Caring in the last phases of life: Near the end it is common for men and women start to become unresponsive and quiet. While many people are no longer able to talk, they are capable of listening. It is recommended to speak to them as ordinarily as possible. You can speak to them about their family, the day, time and upcoming holidays. Another frequent phenomenon in the latter phases of life is that the loss of bowl and bladder management. At this time, we have to keep them dry and clean as possible. It’s important to provide a sense of privacy at this point and be aware when the space may be entered by others. We do not want them to feel ashamed or lose a sense of dignity at any point. Being positive and caring is our job and making this time as easy as possible is the goal.

Simple and Affordable Rates

At PLACITA IN-HOME CARE, our pricing is straight forward and affordable. We work with any budget and customize a care plan to meet every need and every goal of each client. We take pride in making our services accessible to anyone that needs them.


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Certified Caregivers

Our Caregivers are screened by a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a Registered Nurse to ensure we have a high quality and professional staff.  We take every measure to ensure your loved one is cared for with integrity and compassion.


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FREE Safety Check

Falls are a serious safety concern as our loved ones age.  At PLACITA, we conduct a free home safety evaluation whether you choose to use our services or not.  Call today and schedule your free home safety evaluation and consultation.


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